Meta Sequencer

Documentation and Examples

Quick Start Guide

Let's get up and running as quickly as possible! The Meta Sequencer ships with a random sequence in memory. Our first goal is to playback this sequence.

Patch the output of the Meta Sequencer into the CV input of an oscillator. Supply a trigger (clock) signal to the Meta Sequencer's CLK input. The meta sequencer requires an external clock souce to function.

Ensure that the mode switch is in the playback position (far left).

You should see the step and value displays changing and hear the pitch change from your VCO.


The Meta Sequencer has three modes which are selected using the mode switch. They are:

  1. Playback Mode – visualize playback and real-time knob recording
  2. Edit Mode – edit individual steps and values using the STEP and VALUE knobs
  3. Settings Mode – changes settings, such as sequence length and clock division

Saving & Loading

Good news! You don't need to worry about saving or loading anything. The Meta Sequencer remembers everything automatically and instantly. The only value that's not recalled on startup is the sequence playback position. Most other eurorack sequencers start at step 1 when they are first powered on, so we decided to do the same for consistancy sake.