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3 Oscillator Synth

Synth3Osc is a 3 osc synth with 2 main oscillators which can be detuned a sub oscillator, and a low-pass filter.

The MOD input controls the oscillator configuration. There are 16 configurations. For example, the first 4 configurations are:

MODosc1osc2sub osc
0sinesinesine (50% vol)
1sinesawtoothsine (50% vol)
2sawtoothsawtoothsine (50% vol)
3sawtoothsquaresine (50% vol)

Param1 is the detuning between the first 2 oscillators. In the middle of the potentiometer there is no detune, in the far right, the second oscillator is a quarter tone higher, and far left is a quarter tone lower.

Param2 is the cutoff for the lowpass filter

Param3 is the resonance for the lowpass filter

Input Summary:

  • SR: Sample Rate
  • MOD: Selects the oscillator configuraton
  • [1] Detune
  • [2] Lowpass Cutoff
  • [3] Lowpass Resonance
  • GATE: not used


Synth3Osc.php, Synth3Osc.h