Equation Composer

Documentation and Examples


Inspired by VIznut's "Algorithmic symphonies from one line of code" and the BitWiz Audio Synth, the Equation Composer creates a wide range of gritty, 8-bit sounding melodies, waveforms, and noise. The module is organized into CV selectable "programs", where each program can act like a unique synthesizer.

Internally, the Equation Composer is based on the powerful Arduino Due. Although the module has been built to be enjoyed "as-is", there's a prominent USB jack on the front for updating the firmware and the software is open source. 14 extra pins have been brought to an expansion header on the rear. The Arduno code itself is modular, allowing various software "modules" to be strung together into “programs” that act like individual synths. (Re-programming is recommended for advanced developers and requires some C++.)

Please read the Installation and Power Requirements section carefully!

Width: 12HP
Price: $230 USD