Equation Composer

Documentation and Examples

Installing Source Files

  1. Download and install the Arduino 1.5.7 software (or latest version that supports the Due) from http://arduino.cc/en/main/software#toc3
  2. Connect the Equation Composer to your computer using a USB cable. (Do this while the Equation Composer is powered on.)
  3. If you are using Windows, you’ll need to install the Arduino drivers. To install the drivers, follow the instructions in the Arudino “Getting Started Guide” for the Due: http://arduino.cc/en/guide/windows
  4. Choose the Arduino Due (Programming port) from the Tools > Board menu in the Arduino IDE:

  5. Select the correct serial port from the Tools > Serial Port menu. The port will only be selectable while the Equation Composer is connected to your computer.
  6. Download the Equation Composer arduino sketch from https://github.com/clone45/EquationComposer
  7. Open EquationComposer.ino in the Arduino IDE, then click the upload button:

Editing any large project in the Arduino IDE can be very frusterating. I would highly recommend using an external editor such as Sublime Text. Although there are plug-ins that extend Sublime Text with Arduino functionality, I've found it easiest to edit files in Sublime text and compile and upload them in the Arduino interface.

My development setup looks like this: