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Braids Composer

A port of the Braids firmware to the Equation Composer, by Mathieu Routhier


This is a port of the Mutable Instruments Braids Macro-oscillator by Olivier Gillet.

It runs on the Microbe Modular Equation Composer without too much trouble at 48kHz (half the original 96KHz). The porting code was written by Mathieu Routhier (mrouthier@gmail.com).

Thank you to Olivier Gillet from Mutable Instruments, for his generosity towards this port project and for making his code available.

Thank you to Bret Truchan from Microbe Modular, for making the Equation Composer and for answering many of my questions.

Input mappings

PRG : selects the oscillator (see the Braids documentation).
SR  : is the pitch (1V/Oct).  Unfortunately, negative voltages can't be sent to the Equation Composer hardware.  Therefore it can only handle C4 and upwards.
MOD : an octave shift.  Very useful because of the limitations of SR.
PARAM1 : Timbre.
PARAM2 : Color.
PARAM3 : Unused.
GATE : strikes the oscillator.  It has a different action, depending on the selected oscillator.