Hello everyone!

For the past few years, sales have been pretty slow, and my passions have changed over the years. Although I still have occational dreams of souped up MC-202s, it's time to close the business.

I'm selling all of my inventory at deeply reduced prices. Today (July 4th), I posted the first batch of Meta Sequencers on EBay. I had no idea that all 16 would sell in 1 day! If you missed out, don't worry, I have plenty more. I'll be posting more modules in batches, which should allow me time to ship - and maintain my sanity. :-)

Once the Meta Seqencers have sold, I'll be moving on the Equation Composers. If there's any news to report, I'll post it here. Thanks so much for your support! The synth community is amazing, and it's been a pleasure being part of it.


Bret Truchan